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The name "Quagga" is an onomatopoeia from the sound the Quagga makes. Click the play button to hear it  


Until the present, no State funding has been forthcoming. The project has to be financed from sponsorship and donations. For information about how you can support The Quagga Project, contact the project coordinator

Without these much appreciated donations in various forms, the project could not exist. The project committee gratefully acknowledges this support.

Initial costs for constructing enclosures at the Nature Conservation Station “Vrolijkheid” near Robertson, and the purchase and transport of the first 9 zebras from Etosha, Namibia were covered by the South African Nature Foundation.

Cape Nature – former Cape Nature Conservation – has given much support, mainly in manpower and the supply of Lucerne.

Additional selected zebras were donated on several occasions by the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife – former Natal Parks Board. TheScott-Barnes Nyala Game Ranch at Empangeni donated three zebras, andNATREF at Sassolburg donated one zebra and the transport thereof. Agrihold-Rumevite, a subsidiary of Sentrachem donated several zebras.

Companies like Gordon Verhoef & Krause,Mondi Paperwaste, Everite, Pure CaneMolasses, Agrihold-Rumevite made substantial donations, either in cash or material.

Considerable financial support has been received from the Confederation of Hunters Associations of South Africa (CHASA) and some of the affiliated bodies, such as Cape Hunting and Game ConservationAssociation, the S. A. Jagters en Wildbewardings Vereniging, Pretoria, theBophutatswana Jagters en Wildbewardings Vereniging, Itsoseng, the Bushveld Huntersand Game Conservation Association, Pietersburg.

The Detroit Chapter of Safari Club International also made a substantial cash donation.

The “Friends of the South African Museum” gave financial support. The “American Long Ears Society” lends support on an ongoing basis. This club of Equid model collectors and enthusiasts is raising funds for the Quagga Project through special competitions, raffles, shows and auctions.

The translocation of 11 Quagga Project zebras to the Karoo National Park was executed and financed by South African National Parks.

Many private individuals have made donations or make donations on a regular basis.

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