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The name "Quagga" is an onomatopoeia from the sound the Quagga makes. Click the play button to hear it  

Naturkunde Museum, Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg Quagga
Catalogue number : 236 (mammal catalogue)

Sex: female?

Locality: –

Date of acquisition: 9 November 1858

History of mount: re-mounted in 1969 by dermo-sculptor Kaestner, Berlin

Desciption of striking features: face unstriped; light flanking of dorsal median stripe not interrupted


head – body 1,935 m
tail 0,410 m
ear 0,165 m
hindfoot 0,490 m
shoulder height 1,100 m
State of preservation: good

Further material of same individual: –

References: Schwarz (1912); Antonius (1931)

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