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Museum National d’ Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Catalogue number : not registered

Sex: male

Locality: Cape Colony

Date of acquisition: probably 1798

History of mount: original mount, mainly of wood


head – body 1,93 m
tail 0,29 m
ear 0,15 m
hindfoot 0,43 m
shoulder height 1,18 m
State of preservation: good

Further material of same individual: there is an articulated skeleton (No A544) labelled “Quagga” in the Department of Comparative Anatomy, Paris Museum. It is not certain whether it belongs to the skin.

References: Desmarest (1820); Renshaw (1904); Trouessart (1906); Pocock (1907); Ridgeway (1909); Griffini (1913); Dorst (1952)

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The name "Quagga" is an onomatopoeia from the sound the Quagga makes. Click the play button to hear it