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Iziko South African Museum, Cape Town, South Africa

Catalogue number : SAM 35575

Sex: female, foal

Locality: Nelspoort, Beaufort West District, Cape Province

Date of acquisition: 1857-60

Remarks on acquisition: donated by A.Dale of Camphersskraal, Nelspoort; animal lived one week after capture

History of mount: stuffed with hemp and clay at the South African Museum; remounted by dermo-sculptor R.Rau 1969/70


head – body 1,240 m
tail 0,280 m
ear 0,123 m
hindfoot 0,390 m
shoulder height 0,770 m
State of preservation: good partly moth-eaten

Further material of same individual: skull, footbones and fleshy parts of skin, all removed during re-mounting , in collection

References: Renshaw (1904, 1909); Ridgeway (1909); Antonius (1931); Shortridge (1934)

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