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The name "Quagga" is an onomatopoeia from the sound the Quagga makes. Click the play button to hear it 

Project Coordination

At the time of its inception in 1986 and until November 1988, The Quagga Project was administered by the South African Museum, under the chairmanship of Dr M A Cluver. Vice -chairman was Prof H J Heydenrych, and other committee members were Prof E H Harley, Prof C W Cruywagen, Dr P A Hulley, Mr M Gregor, and Mr R E RAU

In 1988, the Quagga Project adopted a constitution, and the administration of the project shifted to the new legally constituted committee office-bearers. The head Co-ordinator elected was the project’s founder, Mr R.E.Rau, who successfully ran the project until his sad passing in January 2006.

In June 2006, a successor to Mr Rau was appointed. Mr C.S.Lardner accepted the position of Head Co-ordinator under the committee Chairman, Dr M.H.Knight, and vice Chairman, Mr M.W.G.Gregor. The Treasurer at the time was Dr P.A.Hulley

In 2008 Mr C.S.Lardner concluded the formation of a Section 21 Company, namely, “The Quagga Project (Incorporated under the Act of Article 21), Registration No: 2008/011276/08”. The Quagga Project was thus now a legally constituted body, registered with the Registrar of Companies as non profit or gain, and also registered with the South African Revenue Services as a non profit organisation.

Current Directors of The Quagga Project

(Incorporated under the Act of Article 21), Registration No: 2008/011276/08 are;

  1. Mr M.W.G Gregor (Chairman)
  2. Mr R.M. Turnbull (Coordinator)
  3. Mr C.S. Lardner
  4. Mr T.R. Turner
  5. Mr A.J. le Roux

The company auditors are BDO Cape Town, 6th Floor, 119 – 123 Hertzog Boulevard, Foreshore, Cape Town, Western Cape.

Coordinator Reports

Latest news

8 months ago

Prof. Peter Heywood of Brown University, recently published a well-researched and in-depth book on the Quagga. He is pictured here with the Studbook Manger, Bernard Wooding, (on the left) and the Project Co Ordinator, March Turnbull, (on the right) during a field trip to Elandsberg. The book published by Cambridge University Press in 2022 is titled: The Life, Extinction and Rebreeding of Quagga Zebra. Significance for Conservation.
ISBN 9781108917735.
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