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The name "Quagga" is an onomatopoeia from the sound the Quagga makes. Click the play button to hear it 


Kindly refer to the official Quagga Project Facebook page for the latest news updates and conversations on the Quagga Project. We trust that you will find all the general information needed for research, media coverage and school projects on this website, in its database of Quagga resources and in the list of frequently asked questions. Specific inquiries may be directed at info@quaggaproject.org.


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8 months ago

Prof. Peter Heywood of Brown University, recently published a well-researched and in-depth book on the Quagga. He is pictured here with the Studbook Manger, Bernard Wooding, (on the left) and the Project Co Ordinator, March Turnbull, (on the right) during a field trip to Elandsberg. The book published by Cambridge University Press in 2022 is titled: The Life, Extinction and Rebreeding of Quagga Zebra. Significance for Conservation.
ISBN 9781108917735.
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